Structural Materials, Coatings and Manufacturing Processes


Phase 1

Project Lead

University of Edinburgh

Prior to issuing technology development calls, Wave Energy Scotland carries out landscaping studies to identify the state of the art for the selected technology development areas. This landscaping study investigates the materials and production processes available, or potentially available, for wave energy converter (WEC) device structural design and in particular the transferability of existing knowledge and capability from other industrial applications.

The report concludes with the selection of 8 material areas which have the potential to meet the requirements for use in the construction of WEC or WEC sub-components within 3 years.

The study was led by the University of Edinburgh, with partners RiserTec Ltd, Pelagic Innovation and 38techinsight.

Structural Materials, Coatings and Manufacturing Processes - Landscaping Study

This Landscaping Study explores the use of materials, coatings and structures in the wider engineering and industrial sectors that may be relevant to the progression of wave energy technology.

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