Cost Reduction in Supporting Infrastructure - Moorings and Foundations

Cost Reduction in Supporting Infrastructure - Moorings and Foundations

  • Stage

    Phase 2

  • Project Lead

    TTI Marine Renewables Ltd

  • Author

    Tension Technology International Ltd

  • Date

    December 2018

This landscape study demonstrates that there are clear opportunities to make an impact on the cost of energy of wave power through further development and innovation in mooring components, foundations and associated subsystems.

The study has been conducted in four main work packages which provide a range of interrelated perspectives:

  • State-of-the-Art (Landscape) - a desk study review of the current mooring and foundation landscape, including the latest technologies, in addition to a review of design analysis approaches and codes.
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC-Survey) - to better understand the requirements and priorities of the sector.
  • Moorings & Foundations Innovation (TRIZ workshop) - adoption of a clean sheet approach, to identify potential new innovation opportunities.
  • Mooring & Foundation Case Studies - conducted to demonstrate the cost benefits of system compliance for spread mooring systems.

A range of device scales, water depths and footprint radii were studied which were compatible with the range of device scales and sites identified by the VOC survey. It was not possible to consider every class of mooring system via the case study assessment, however, the VOC survey confirmed that spread type mooring systems, whether chain catenary or semi-taut synthetic-based systems are a popular choice within the sector. The four-strand approach also helped identify gaps in sector know-how while identifying contradictions for instance, sector requirements and technical viability and affordability.

The combined output of these work streams was then used to identify R&D opportunities which could have a positive impact on the future wave power cost of energy.

Project Keywords: LCOE, CAPEX, OPEX, Modelling, Fatigue, Survival, Moorings, Operations & Maintenance, Installation, Foundations, Performance, Vessel, Elastomer, Concrete, Hybrid, Landscaping

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